Megdan - MMA Tournament on Spence

In April, April 22, the "Megdan" tournament was held in Novi Sad, an event that has attracted great interest in the world of MMA and kickboxing. According to the idea of Alekse Balasevic, who is also the organizer of this tournament, "Megdan" was held in the spirit of our national identity and knightly traditions, with the desire to enter into the sports competition the most beautiful elements of our folklore, from the ancient to the latest history of this people. Under the slogan "Megdan-where it is located", which pretends to distance martial art from violent behavior and street fighting, fighters from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Iraq, Morocco, France, Romania, Greece and Austria gathered as and guests from neighboring countries, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina, along with, of course, the presence of domestic megdanias. Ring for the aforementioned competition, in the record time set in the direction of the Stage Pro Team!