Novosadski Oktoberfest 2017

The "Novosadski Oktoberfest 2017" was officially opened on Friday, October 20th, in the aula of the Master Center, with the traditional opening of the first beer bar, and the two evenings of the festival were opened by the band "Kredarica", which performed Bavarian music. SARS and Drum N Zez, the second day began with the Battle of the Bands bout of Novi Sad bands, and the winning band Rosetta Stoned, presented the song to the audience on the same evening with a jury composed of: Tanja Banjanin , singer Jovan Matic, frontmen band "Gift", Ivan Fece Firci, musician and program manager, Milan Vucicevic. Over 40 breweries exhibited at "Novosadski Oktoberfest 2017", and the audience could test several hundred different beers, as well as several kind of sausages, feathers, etc. In memory, visitors could buy mugs, t-shirts, licider hearts in a souvenir shop. Both nights were held in the holding of a mug for boys and girls, they were selected most original photos from Instagram, as well as visitors photos at the entrance to the festival. For the needs of the assembly, StagePro team was engaged, which mounted the stage in the express time according to the highest standards.