Miligram concert in Kombank Arena

Miligram is one of the youngest Belgrade bands, which within two years and three released albums, made ​​one of the fastest breakthrough in the music market all over the Balkans!Combining different music styles - rock, house and ethnic music, and amazing energy on their concerts, Miligram has won over a huge number of fans, after sold out concert halls across the Balkans, such as \\"Zetra\\" in Sarajevo, \\"Cveticarna\\" in Ljubljana, etc...Milligram has decided to make the first big concert in Belgrade in November this year in Kombank Arena!According to Aleksandra Milic Mili plans, concert in Kombank Areni will be thematically inspired and will offer a completely new experience of music from the Balkans and the message that this concert sends!We expect that this concert will offer a new standard in the organization and production of local concerts!