The Royal Horse Gala, a unique acrobatic show with 20 horses on the scene, will be held for the first time in Serbia, with the play "Pegasus" in Belgrade Arena on Saturday, 25.10.2014. at 12h and 18h, and Sunday, 26/10/2014. in 12h. This magic show is a memorable event for the whole family, with the addition Kombank Arena for the audience prepared special offers! With each of the first 1,000 tickets purchased, as a gift to get a voucher for a free cruise on the Danube and Sava, provided by the Yacht Club Kej. Vouchers bought tickets can take at the box office Belgrade Arena, Bilet center of Belgrade, the Youth Center and "Usce" shopping center. The Royal Horse Gala is a spectacular show filled with magic and colorful costumes where copies of choreographies, Lusitania, a pony, and other types of Andalusian horses. This sensational program has seen over a million people across Europe and is good fun for the whole family, because it represents fun for young and old. The Royal Horse Gala created bavarac Jozef Hofling 1994, who in 1993 traveled to Europe in search of the best horses for the show. The creator of this exciting show received a personal invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to be part of the celebration of its Golden Jubilee in May 2002 titled "All the Queen's Horses" which was attended by 1,000 horse! The Royal Horse Gala "Pegasus", a show that was created in collaboration with Jean-Marc Imbert is filled with incredible acrobatics and playful dressage in which uižvati that horse lovers, and theater!